About Us

Get more leads and get more customers!

Spini is the only referral platform that can generate genuine leads that comes through references. References give the best conversion rates in any business. Ask any business owner and he will say I get business through references from my existing customers and friends. Thats how important references are for growing businesses and getting more customers. Spini, intelligently leverages this to help you grow your business.

Spini helps in finding more new customers through its unique referral platform. Spini's Analytics and AI engine filters out fake leads, general enquiries etc. and gives a list of qualified leads that are genuine for the sales team to work upon. Usually conversion rates are much higher with Spini since you would be working on a much smaller list which are usually hot requirements. 

Spini works with buyer data, behaviour and analyses the requirements using machine learning, AI tools and processes that identifies fake enquiries that can waste a salesman's time. These tools ensure that Sales process improves significantly with velocity of slaes notching up higher, conversions doubling up from current ratios. Sales guy himself can get as high as 70% improvement in his productivity. 

Spini's Lead Management app makes it even more easier for the sales guy to manage his leads until closure more effectively. No more diaries, physical notes and flipping of papers to remember and look for followups. All in one app is Spini's Lead Management app. Get the Android version from Google playstore here.